Meet the Team Behind LPD Wellness

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentors are listeners and a resource hub. Like most mentoring programs, our peer mentor program pairs you and another LPD employee to get you the assistance you need or want. Unlike other mentoring programs, we pair you with a peer. So, there’s no fear of judgement or repercussions from upper management.

Getting You Connected With Resources

Peer mentoring helps all LPD employees get access to existing mental health, marital, financial, nutritional, and work-related resources. Peer-to-peer mentors serve as facilitators to connect you. The program is not designed to substitute or replace any type of counseling or professional mental health assistance.

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Find a Peer Mentor

Find a Peer Mentor

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A Few Ways a Peer Mentor Can Help With:

  • Trouble falling/staying asleep, or needing medication or alcohol to sleep
  • Dependence on alcohol, OTC medication, or caffeine to make it through a day
  • Continual arguments aimed toward members of the household
  • Thoughts/attempts/intentions to harm yourself or others
  • Constant anxiety due to hypervigilance
  • Depression, stress, hopelessness
  • Financial stress


Confidentiality Guaranteed.

*with the exception of statements indicating intent to self -harm, harm others, or involvement in a criminal act