The Challenge

The Challenge

The Solution

The Solution


With LPD Wellness’s Mission

Our Team

In September 2020, LPD and our partners at TTU and LCU were notified we were awarded $73,407 through the COPS Office Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA). Clinicians, researchers and police officers working together has been the missing piece. Our officers provide the day-to-day reality of life on job and our academic partners provide the latest science and research.

Since this grant expired in September of 2022, the City of Lubbock and the Lubbock Police Department are working to provide continuous funding for this program to continue benefitting the employee and their families of the Lubbock Police Department.

Our Team:

  • Assistant Chief Nathan White, Executive Liaison LPD
  • Corporal John Willhelm, Chair LPD
  • Dr. Andy Young, Program Consultant, LPD
Committee & Sub-Committee Chairs

Committee & Sub-Committee Chairs

  • Detective Charlene Jennings Chair for the Women’s Wellness Sub-Committee
  • Detective Charlene Jennings Co-Chair for the Family Readiness Sub-Committee
  • Tabitha Varner, LE Spouse Co-Chair for the Family Readiness Sub-Committee
  • Sgt. Eric Braden Chair for the Peer Mentor Sub-Committee
  • Detective Zach Johnson Chair for the Veterans Sub-Committee
  • Sergeant Brandon Stewart Chair for the Logistics Sub-Committee
  • Officer Michael Matsik Chair for the Physical Wellness Sub-Committee
  • Lt. Misti Snodgrass Chair for the CISM Sub-Committee / CISM debrief POC
  • Detective Jeremy Winters Co-Chair for the Chaplain Sub-Committee
  • Corporal Tim Varner Co-Chair for the Chaplain Sub-Committee
  • Sergeant Jennifer Goswick Chair for the Substance Abuse Sub-Committee
  • Deborah Steppe Chair for the Civilian Assistance Sub-Committee


Confidentiality Guaranteed.

*with the exception of statements indicating intent to self -harm, harm others, or involvement in a criminal act